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Over 20 searches and
reports for skip tracing and
individual's backgrounds

10 searches and reports for
business' backgrounds

10 different searches and
reports to develop criminal

Research Services:
FindMySkip provides

assistance with problem skip tracing subjects and many other services:  Provide missing data such as DOB's and phone numbers and reverse phone numbers.  Locate places of employment and assets. 


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Selected Standard Searches

Select the links below for examples of some of our popular searches

MB Address Name/SSN Search
Primary skip tracing search;  Over 100 data sources

2 Credit Bureau Social Search

Enhanced People Search
Our most economical skip tracing search

Trace Detail Search
Fills in the gaps of your subjects identity

Verify Express Search
Search by address or phone number;  Includes 60 million phone records typically not found in other phone searches

Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

Evictions, Suits, Liens and Judgments

MVR Driving Records
Coverage includes 41 states

Motor Vehicle Search
Coverage includes 31 states